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Edwin H., U.S. physician, 1918-1970. See: Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, Zollinger-Ellison tumor.
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itself a part of the Ellison organization since 2004.
On the Saturday night of the draw, he called round to Ms Ellison, who opened the door to him and said: "We've done it.
To ensure that Oracle is poised for a video-on-demand future, Ellison has invested an estimated $60 million of his own money to buy a controlling stake of nCube Corp.
Founded in 1986 in Hebron, Kentucky, Ellison Surface Technologies is an expert provider of thermal spray coating and special processes to many of the world's largest manufacturers of aircraft engine and industrial gas turbine components.
Mrs Ellison started feeling unwell while still away and her condition deteriorated after returning home on May 20.
Ellison spent 12 years with Home Depot and before that, 15 years at Target.
Ellison pulls at a glass bong and contemplatively nods along, as though he's trying to eschew eye contact with me.
Partnering with Ellison is my licensing art dream comes true.
Ms Ellison pleaded guilty but denied that she was having a conversation on the phone - stating through her solicitor that she has a bluetooth hands-free kit in her car.
However Byrne will be kicking himself after a mistake with three laps to go left Ellison to take the chequered flag.
But when Mr Ellison protested about the size of Mr Cleghorn's double garage, the venture took a turn for the worst.
Over the years, Ellison has also sold shares that have allowed him to buy expensive yachts for Americas Cup racing as well as a 98-percent interest in the Hawaiian island of Lanai.