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Richard W.B., English physician, 1902-1966. See: Ellis-van Creveld syndrome.
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Jack Ellis was born in 1932 in Lockland, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati.
Under the multi-year agreement, CB Richard Ellis professionals also will have access to CoStar COMPS Professional, the only verified national database of commercial comparable sales transactions; and CoStar Exchange, the largest verified database of commercial properties for sale.
Prompted by the synagogue to present an annual variety show highlighting Jewish wit, wisdom, and music, Ellis happily agreed to take on the task.
Ultimately, Ellis is writing less about literature being "lost" and more about its being displaced by other, nonliterary concerns.
Bob Alexander, CB Richard Ellis; John Powers, CB Richard Ellis; Brett White, CB Richard Ellis
In Atlantis,'' Ellis writes, ``Donnelly had found the cause of almost everything.
CB Richard Ellis has just under 10,000 employees and maintains 250 offices in 47 countries.
Vargas' quick dispatch of Ellis (24-4) was unexpected, even by Team Vargas.
The soft national economy and '9/11' residue unique to New York City have caused a divergent trend: rental rates for residences and offices have declined, while ownership values for condominiums and cooperative apartments, office buildings and land have generally risen," said Bob VonAncken, a New York Office-based Grubb & Ellis executive managing director of consulting services.