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Thomas R., British physician, 1877-1961. See: Elliott law.
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I was last month at my friend Elliott's, near Dartford.
I always had a sneaking sympathy for Alexander Elliott about HIS dog.
All those Elliotts and Crawfords and MacAllisters are dyed-in-the-wool politicians.
That family of Elliotts has always been more stubborn than natteral.
Joseph Elliott of Markdale, a second cousin of mother's."
I felt I could speak, and I answered--"My name is Jane Elliott." Anxious as ever to avoid discovery, I had before resolved to assume an ALIAS.
"'Sir Walter Elliott, of Kellynch Hall, in Somersetshire, was a man who, for his own amusement, never took up any book but the Baronetage '-- don't you know Sir Walter?--'There he found occupation for an idle hour, and consolation in a distressed one.' She does write well, doesn't she?
Paul Singer's Elliott Management disclosed in an SEC filing its holdings as of June 30, 2019.
9 August 2019 - Funds advised by UK-based Elliott Advisors Ltd have closed the acquisition of US-based bookseller Barnes and Noble, Inc.
Chase Elliott put an emphatic end to his summerlong struggle, making a statement with a dominating win on the road course at Watkins Glen International.
The tenth in what is now the fifteen-book Ralahine Utopian Studies series, Robert Elliott's The Shape of Utopia first appeared in 1970 from the University of Chicago Press.
Graeme Prance, 53, was due to inherit Ken Elliott's PS212,00 Cardiff home and also had Power of Attorney over the retired businessman's affairs.