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Thomas R., British physician, 1877-1961. See: Elliott law.
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I felt I could speak, and I answered--"My name is Jane Elliott.
Sir Walter Elliott, of Kellynch Hall, in Somersetshire, was a man who, for his own amusement, never took up any book but the
Joseph Elliott of Markdale, a second cousin of mother's.
Alexander Elliott was a stubborn mule, but he was fond of his wife, so he give in and said, `Well, durn it, bury me where you please.
I always had a sneaking sympathy for Alexander Elliott about HIS dog.
Little did teenager Elliott Gaines know just how exciting his life was to become the evening the police knocked on his door to tell him his mother was wanted for breaking into the Shelby pharmaceutical plant.
Matthew Elliott is a valuable player,' said Jacobs.
One reason is Schweitzer's service, according to Elliott.
Elliott shows off the two concrete bunkhouses he's built for the workers, quarters that meet or exceed federal standards for H2A workers.
This provides flexibility for customers who will take advantage of the virtual architecture," Elliott said.
For his company, the New Group, Elliott has produced one grim, hilarious gem after another: Curtains, in which a worn-out woman smothers her invalid mother with a pillow; Leigh's Goose-Pimples, in which four drunken Londoners mercilessly taunt a fat, clueless Arab who thinks he's been brought to a brothel; and This Is Our Youth, a portrait of Generation X slackers with too much time, money, and drugs on their hands.