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(ĕl′ē-ən, -ŏn′), Gertrude Belle 1918-1999.
American drug researcher. She shared a 1988 Nobel Prize for developing drugs to treat leukemia and gout.
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Melody Eubank, the wedding coordinator, and her daughter ElIon Eubank provided flower decor for both the ceremony and reception, and Mitzi Crawford catered the event The bride's cake was provided by Jessica Engle of Hattiesburg and the groom's cake was provided by Cindy Ladnier of Ocean Springs.
At Fakuma 2012, the Elion 3200 will be producing thin-walled lids for cream cheese packaging.
In just the latest instance, Wanda, China Oceanwide, One Side, Elion, Yongyou and Lenovo Group recently decided to cooperatively invest 20 billion RMB in building an integrated Changbai Mountain Resort that will deliver high end tourist living; featuring luxury leisure, sports, entertainment, commerce, residential, lofts, SOHO and beyond in a integrated "work and play" conceptual estate; a turning point for domestic leisure in Chinese.
The most popular employer for individuals is still Eesti Energia, which is followed by Tallink, then the State Forest Management Center, Elion and the Port of Tallinn.
Dodson, Mignon LaJoyce Elion, Angela Michelle Fountain, Mattie Dobbs Goode, Sarah Guthrie, Shala Coots Harger, Donna M.
The color photos by Elion Paz are essential to telling the story of "The Book of New Israeli Food," from the pomegranates resting in a shallow wooden bowl on the cover to the ones inside of an ancient olive tree, busy market scenes, a quiche-like pashtida filled with chunks of feta and vegetables, pretty early spring almond blossoms, a close-up of thick slices of that honey cake plus step-by-step instructions on how to make flame-roasted eggplants or date and sesame-filled makroud cookies.
Walker, who developed a line of cosmetics for African American women and was so successful that she became America's first self-made female millionaire, to Hedy Lamar (of all people), who held a patent for a remote-controlled radio system, to Gertrude Elion, who shared a Nobel Prize in 1988 for the cancer drugs she helped create, these women believed in their dreams and worked to fulfill them.
Air Force Senior Airman Elion Carrion in Chino illustrate the sharp contrasts between what so-called community leaders say and their real agendas.
Estonian telecomms operator AS Eesti Telekom said on Thursday (30 December) that its wholly owned subsidiary Elion Enterprises Ltd would purchase 100% of the shares of the Estonian regional Internet service provider Viru Net OU.
Elion is an original and delightful picturebook story about the origins of Christmas which reveals to young readers the connection between Jesus Christ and Saint Nicholas--the man who forged the nails and fashioned the cross used for Christ's crucifixion.