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(el'ĕ-vā'shŭn), [TA]
1. Synonym(s): torus (1)
2. The act of assuming or being raised to an elevated position, as in elevation of the pupil (directing the gaze upward); the movement produced by a levator.


Etymology: L, elevare, to lift
a raised area, or point of greater height.


(el'ĕ-vā'shŭn) [TA]
Synonym(s): torus (2) .
Upward movement of a limb or body part


1. A raised area that protrudes above the surrounding area.
2. The measured distance above a fixed object, e.g., the distance above sea level, or above a fixed anatomic structure.
3. The rise of a physiological variable above normal, e.g., in ophthalmology, the rise in intraocular pressure above what is healthy or normal; in serology, an increase in the level of an electrolyte or other blood test result.

S-T segment elevation

The height of the ST segment of an electrocardiogram relative to a level line that can be drawn between the preceding P-R interval and the subsequent T-P interval. S-T segment elevation in two or more contiguous leads of the electrocardiogram is one of the diagnostic criteria for acute myocardial infarction.

tactile elevation

A small raised area of the palm and sole that contains a cluster of nerve endings.
See: Shoulder Elevation

Patient discussion about elevation

Q. My wife(53) has elevated CEA and CA19.9 levels - near 150, without any concomitant reason/observation? Comment

A. Hi Bobby3,

The most important question is why were these tests done?
An elevated level may result from many causes, some of them are simple and some are more problematic. IMHO the best thing would be consulting her doctor to consider the need to check-up her alimentary system.
You can read more here (http://www.ascocancerfoundation.org/patient/ASCO+Resources/Patient+Guides/ASCO+Patient+Guide:+Tumor+Markers+for+Gastrointestinal+Cancers) and here (http://www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/factsheet/Detection/tumor-markers)

Q. high ESR levels? i had ESR test done after complaining of weakness, repeated upper respiratory infection, fever and weight loss. my ESR rate is extremely high 120 a week ago and today 114. chest x-ray negative, stomach Ultra Sound negative, other test relatively ok.... Any suggestions?

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