Elephant Man

Joseph Merrick, a 19th century English man who suffered from a severe deforming disease that had been diagnosed by medical historians as von Recklinghausen’s disease, and subsequently re-diagnosed as Proteus syndrome
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The kobudai wasn't just fascinating because of the way it looks - imagine the Elephant Man with fins and a tail and teeth that would not look out of place on The Jeremy Kyle Show.
He said he used a dog toy to tie him up and he left him looking like the Elephant Man.
BERNARD POMERANCE, the playwright best known for Tony Award-winning play The Elephant Man, has died at the age of 76.
Summary: Los Angeles [USA], August 30 (ANI): Bernard Pomerance, who wrote the 1979 Tony award-winning theatre production 'The Elephant Man,' has died.
The elephant man, born in England in 1862, grew thick, lumpy skin that resembled that of an elephant.
Making the Elephant Man: A Producer's Memoir" is Sanger's unvarnished first-person account of how The Elephant Man (1980) was made.
Sanger, a film, theatre, and television producer and director, media advisor, and entertainment financial consultant who produced The Elephant Man, relates the story of how the 1980 film was made and its development, production, and funding, as well as its marketing, release, and how it became an icon.
The job as a maid quickly changes, however, as The Elephant Man asks her to help him deal with ghosts that have been haunting him.
CYNDI LAUPER: 'It got so bad I felt like the Elephant Man.
I didn't do anything about it but I always knew I wanted to act after I saw the The Elephant Man (the 1980 film with John Hurt and Anthony Hopkins) and that was it for me.
I'm still suffering now and my face is so swollen, I look like the Elephant Man.
Bowie then turned to the stage and made his Broadway debut in The Elephant Man.