Elephant Man

Joseph Merrick, a 19th century English man who suffered from a severe deforming disease that had been diagnosed by medical historians as von Recklinghausen’s disease, and subsequently re-diagnosed as Proteus syndrome
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The original Elephant Man, Joseph Merrick, was the hideously deformed circus attraction who, by sheer dignity, self-education and courage, became a favourite of Victorian society.
Before racking up 13 years in the cast of the ITV soap, Freddie appeared in movies including Dune, The Elephant Man, Firefox, Wild at Heart, Young Sherlock Holmes and horror classic Frankenstein Must Be Destroyed.
ACHURCH verger who became an expert on the Elephant Man believes she has found his forgotten grave.
C4, 10pm Street gangs, Bulgarian princes, spiritualists, music hall stars and the Elephant Man. Detective Inspector Rabbit (Matt Berry) sees it all in this spoof cop show set in Victorian London.
And he IS a nice guy, according to the director I met who worked with him during his West End stage debut in The Elephant Man back in the summer of 2015.
Playwright Bernard Pomerance's "The Elephant Man" chronicles Joseph Carey Merrick's transformation from side show performer to society darling in a revival being staged by Williams Street Repertory at the Raue Center for the Arts, 26 N.
In fact, the UCP women are dying to just catch the eyes of any ECP man, and would give everything they have for the man to just say 'Hi.' That is when the UCP women, who will come in groups of seventy each, will propose by reciting the first line of the fourth paragraph of the notes of Odifuo Izzah (not the disinfectant), which they will paraphrase like this as I quote: 'We seventy Umbrella women will take hold of one Elephant man on this very day, today, today and say to him, 'We will buy our own Hausa kooko plus koose and TZ from HajiaFati's chop bar to eat; we shall go to Kantamanto and buy Obroniwawupioto, bodies, kamisia, slit and kaba, and also charle-wote slippers to wear.
IDO NOT know if you are familiar with the Elephant Man Syndrome.
The Elephant Man Syndrome is what happens when you have, for example and by chance, a couple of elephant ornaments.
" Before you know it, your house is full of elephant-themed tea towels and elephant clocks and tusk-shaped candles, and people start describing S ou as The Elephant Man, and you're not even allowed to be offended.
TIED up, gagged and subjected to "unimaginable violence", Mark Shaw was allegedly left looking like the "elephant man" in a murderous attack by his new girlfriend and a neighbour, a court heard.