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Pert. to diets that are easy to digest or predigested; rudimentary or simple.


emanating from or pertaining to elements.

elemental diet
see elemental diet.

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Q. what consider to be a good nutrition for children? does it has to include some specific nutrition elements?

A. there's many things you should consider about children's nutrition, the amount of books written about kids nutrition can fill a library...
vitamins, organic vs industrial, fast food vs home made etc.
here are 2 video libraries that i'm sure you'll find all the info you seek in them-



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At home I should undoubtedly have given vent to my anguish; but this new and elemental environment seemed to call for a savage repression.
Elementals gain power depending on if you played one of their brethren the turn before, allowing you to buff minions, Discover cards or deal insane damage.
They have the ability to control flames and are related to other Elementals that can control wind, earth, and water.
Elemental has seen growing traction in markets where Mac platform use is prevalent, such as university environments, presenting an expanding opportunity.