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1. The contraction in volume in a protein solution during proteolysis due to the formation of new charged groups.
2. The reversible change in dimensions of a substance or material when an electric field is applied to it.
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Anode Initiated Impulse Breakdown in Water: the Dependence on Pulse Rise Time For Nanosecond and Sub-Nanosecond Pulses and Initiation Mechanism Based on Electrostriction. Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics, 2015, vol.
Electrostriction is typically a small nonlinearity; practical use typically requires Q-switched lasers, long lengths of fibers, or high Q resonators.
In electrostriction, the pressure forces are the applied boundary stresses on the microsphere and satisfy
The inverse piezoelectric effect is also called electrostriction and is represented by the property of crystals to deform in certain directions, if there is a difference of potential on some of their sides.
It is considered that the nanoactuation has an electrostriction character.
At the same time that this electrostriction flow phenomenon occurs, thermal diffusion due to the temperature gradient [23] also occurs, but we do not consider thermal effects here.
In principle, the measurement principle of sensor is based on stimulations to the morphology of a dielectric microsphere due to electrostriction effect [27], which is a reaction caused by the external environment.
* Piezo: Solvene can convert mechanical stress energy into electrical energy and in reverse, can deform under an electric field (electrostriction).
He begins by describing Taylor expansion and interaction diagrams, electrostatic Maxwell stresses and quadratic electrostriction, then turns to derivation of the stress tensor from the force law, Maxwell stress tensors, Maxwell stress tensors at the boundary of a dielectric medium with another dielectric medium or with air, applications, including a viscoelastic case study in application to polymers, closing with an analogous phenomenon, magnetostatic Maxwell stresses.
Electrostriction of a Polyurethane Elastomer-Based Polyester.
These atoms separate the adjacent polymer chains sufficiently to enable the electrostriction effect without preventing crystallization.