Faraday cage

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Faraday cage

A hollow metal cylinder used to detect ions in mass spectrometry. Ions enter the open end and impact either on the metal walls or the closed end. Each singly charged ion carries a charge of 1.6 x 1019 coulombs; the summed ion current carried by the ions is measured directly.
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Michael, English physicist and chemist, 1791-1867.
farad - a practical unit of electrical capacity.
faraday - 96,485.309 coulombs per mole, the amount of electricity required to reduce one equivalent of silver ion.
Faraday cage - cage designed to enclose and protect an electric instrument from outside electric interference.
Faraday constant
Faraday laws - the amount of an electrolyte decomposed by an electric current is proportional to the amount of the current.
faradic bath - water bath in which there is faradic current.
faradic current - current that stimulates muscle through its nerve.
faradism - Synonym(s): faradization
faradization - use of the faradic current. Synonym(s): faradism
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A clipped waveform indicates a need to improve electrostatic shielding.
Plasma Etch, Inc invents, develops, and manufactures its own patented technology such as Patented Process Temperature Control and Patented Electrostatic Shielding for the highest possible processing rates and superior process uniformity.
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