vacuum tube

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vac·uum tube

a glass tube from which the air has been removed, containing two or more electrodes, between which passes an electrical current or spark; used in the production of x-rays, or to control circuits. Previously in wide use, the vacuum tube has been supplanted by transistors in electronic circuits.

vacuum tube

A vessel of insulating material (usually glass) that is sealed and has a vacuum sufficiently high to permit the free flow of electrons between the electrodes that extend into the tube from the outside. In England, it is called a vacuum valve.


a space devoid of air or other gas.

vacuum collection
use of a handheld vacuum to recover ectoparasites from the coat of animals.
freed of moisture while in a vacuum. Used in the packaging of food.
vacuum gauge
pressure gauge in a milking machine which indicates the level of vacuum in the system.
vacuum pack
meat or other perishable food is packed in a tightly sealed bag made of copolymers with polyvinyldene chloride and a low vacuum created. A bag made of nylon-polythene laminate is used for bags that are heat-sealed and a high vacuum created. The pack is then frozen for storage or shipment.
vacuum pressure
used as the basis of the modern milking machine; the negative pressure is generated by a vacuum pump and transmitted through metal and rubber pipes to the teat cups and thence to the teats; the continuous basic pressure is what keeps the teat cups on the teats; the periodic fluctuations is what causes the squeezing of the teat walls and the expulsion of the milk from the teats.
vacuum therapy
see cupping.
vacuum tube
many clinical pathology specimens are now collected in evacuated test tubes. A needle connected to the tube through a rubber stopper is passed into a vein. The needle is then connected to the vacuum and the blood or other fluid withdrawn.
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The electronic tubes that may enable you to talk tomorrow from your home to an airplane are eventually of this kind.
4 billion yen due to weaker sales of general components and electronic tubes.
For all of our trappings and toys, we could use a little harmony - within ourselves and within the world we have created in our electronic tubes.
In the case of passive components and electronic tubes, partner Matsushita was cited as part of the solution, suggesting that the latter is to be invited to buy Siemens out of the business.
World War II military needs sped up computer development resulting in the ENIAC, the first fully electronic computer which contained 20,000 electronic tubes and filled a 30 by 50 foot room.
Laboratory domonstration systems developed by the late 1940s relied on electronic tubes for logic, memory, and control functions.
Supply of various electrical materials and epistyle decoration lighting CPV: 31681410-0 Electrical equipment 31522000-1 Resistors 31523000-8 Electrical resistance and 31531000-7 Electronic tubes for the needs of the municipality.
Products are defined under two groups: sensors and semiconductors, and electronic tubes.

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