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A metalloid that conducts electricity more easily than a true nonmetal but less easily than a metal, for example, silicon, germanium.
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A metalloid that conducts electricity more easily than a true nonmetal but less easily than a metal.
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We offer high-purity gases suitable for each process of electronic material manufacturing.
We will be working closely with our supplier Dow Electronic Materials in the UK and Ireland to offer the best possible service to our customers.
13 December 2011 - S&P today put on downgrade review the BB corporate credit and senior unsecured debt ratings on US silicon wafers maker MEMC Electronic Materials Inc (NYSE:WFR).
These companies diversified their business to electronic materials and/or pharmaceuticals.
Nan Ya faces very promising outlook as it has started full capacity operations in its newly launched electronic materials factory in Kunshan, Jiangsu province.
His latest position at Honeywell was president of the global Honeywell Electronic Materials Business.
In this book, authors Marc Meyers and Krishnan Chawla take a balanced mechanics-materials approach to coverage of the latest developments in biomaterials and electronic materials. They have kept the text mathematically simple, assuming no extensive background in materials.
Respondents reported spending a total of $81,986,136 for electronic materials, or a median of 76% of their total materials budgets.
The European Commission cleared, on 15 February, the acquisition by the German company Henkel KGaA, active in the production of cosmetics and toiletries, of the entire adhesives and electronic materials business that Akzo Nobel N.V.
"The demise of the subprime market should be favorable, since they provide liquidity to more traditional mortgages." Company (Ticker) Price Price Total 9/25/06 10/09/07 Return * Amgen (AMGN) $71.22 $57.08 -19.9% Fannie Mae (FNM) 53.50 66.95 25.1 MEMC Electronic Materials (WFR) 37.95 64.18 69.1 Office Depot (ODP) 40.40 21.52 -46.7 Valero Energy Corp.
For the first time, the kit will include electronic materials to supplement the written lesson plans and handouts.
Instructional modifications An Educational Resources Information Center (ERIC) review of the research literature noted that depending on the disability, students may need modifications such as "advance and graphic organizers, instructional scaffolding, additional practice and time to complete assignments, and/or alternative media (e.g., large-print materials, audiotapes, or electronic materials)."

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