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1. an instrument for recording very minute movements by making a greatly magnified photograph of the minute motions of a diaphragm.
2. a photograph of a minute object or specimen as seen through a microscope.
electron micrograph a graphic reproduction of an object as viewed with an electron microscope.
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1. An instrument that magnifies the microscopic movements of a diaphragm by means of light interference and records them on a moving photographic film; may be used for recording various pulse curves, sound waves, and any forms of motion that may be communicated through the air to a diaphragm.
2. Synonym(s): photomicrograph
[micro- + G. graphō, to write]
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The graphic representation of a microscope image.
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An enlarged photograph of an object viewed with a microscope, as distinguished from a microphotograph.
Synonym(s): micrograph.
[photo- + G. mikros, small, + graphē, a record]
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