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Lewis Meyer, CEO of Imatron, "The level of interest in and the cardiology community support of the powerful cardiac applications of our proprietary electron beam tomography technology has never been higher.
is primarily engaged in designing, manufacturing, marketing, and supporting high performance EBT scanners based on the company's proprietary electron beam tomography (EBT) technology.
Duncan is knowledgeable on aspects of preventive cardiology such as electron beam tomography, physical activity and clinical research along with the St Francis Heart Study.
Its offerings include networking and productivity tools, clinical information systems, patient monitoring systems, anesthesia and respiratory care, maternal-infant care systems, surgery and vascular imaging, conventional and digital X-ray, dental imaging, computed tomography, electron beam tomography, magnetic resonance, ultrasound and bone mineral densitometry, positron emission tomography, nuclear medicine, and a comprehensive portfolio of clinical and business services.
James Ehrlich is the medical director and founder Colorado Heart & Body Imaging, a preventive medical imaging facility using electron beam tomography (EBT) for early detection of coronary disease and cancer.

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