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a device that translates one physical quantity to another, e.g., pressure or temperature, to an electrical signal.
neuroendocrine transducer a neuron, such as a neurohypophyseal neuron, that on stimulation secretes a hormone, thereby translating neural information into hormonal information.
pressure transducer an electronic device that converts pressure (such as blood pressure) into electrical signals that can be recorded graphically and monitored.


A device designed to convert energy from one form to another.
See also: transduction.


(trăns-do͞o′sər, -dyo͞o′-, trănz-)
Biology Something, such as a receptor in a cell membrane, that transmits a signal within a cell or from the exterior of a cell to its interior.


Instrumentation A device that transforms one form of energy to another–eg, a photocell that converts light into electrical energy; it is the major component in ultrasonographic devices, and contains an emitting and receiving piezoelectric crystal


A device that converts energy from one form to another (e.g., from electrical energy into ultrasonic energy).


(trans-doo'ser, tranz-, -du') [L. traducere, transducere, to lead across]
1. A device that converts one form of energy to another. The telephone is an example. It is used in medical electronics to receive the energy produced by sound or pressure and relay it as an electrical impulse to another transducer, which can either convert the energy back into its original form or produce a record of it on a recording device. Synonym: probe
2. In ultrasonography, an electromechanical device that emits high-frequency sounds and receives their echoes.

pulse-echo transducer

An ultrasonic transducer that sends out intermittent (pulsed) signals rather than continuous sound waves and receives the echo signal. Pulsed-wave Doppler ultrasound is used to measure blood flow and the depths from which echoes originate.

continuous wave transducer

An ultrasonic transducer that sends a constant and continuing signal that is not pulsed.

transrectal transducer

A cylindrical ultrasonic transducer inserted into the rectum to evaluate the prostate, rectum, and urinary bladder and to guide prostate biopsy.
Enlarge picture
ULTRASONIC TRANSDUCER: ultrasonography of the abdomen

ultrasonic transducer

A device used in ultrasound that sends and receives the sound wave signal.
See: probe; illustration


A device that converts electrical signals into ultrasound waves and ultrasound waves back into electrical impulses.


A device that converts energy from one form to another.
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Recently, there has been a growing tendency to use pulse high-frequency electromechanical transducers (PHFEMT) [1-4] for measurement, control and diagnostics of electrically conductive and ferromagnetic metal products.
A 24-page catalog describes electronic and electromechanical transducers and switches for pressure, differential pressure, and temperature.
These systems typically use fiber optics, coaxial cable, electromechanical transducers, piezoelectric transducers, geophone transducers, electrostatic field (e-field) sensors, or capacitance sense wires.
These are 1) Hot air heating 2) Laser heating 3) Heating foils either surface mounted or embedded with either steady state or pulsed electrical heating 4) Electromagnetic repulsion/attraction 5) Microwave heating 6) Low frequency forced vibration by electromechanical transducers 7) Guided wave ultrasonics using microfiber piezoelectric composites.

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