electromagnetic interference

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1. opposition to or hampering of some activity.
2. impairment of cardiac impulse conduction due to refractoriness of the tissue; the refractoriness is a physiological response to passage of a preceding impulse.
3. a premature contact point on the occlusal surface of the teeth.
electromagnetic interference electrical signals of nonphysiological origin that may affect pacemaker function; they can either inappropriately inhibit pacemaker output or trigger unnecessary pulses. Pacemakers with bipolar leads are less sensitive to this.
occlusal i's areas of interference on teeth that hamper proper occlusion and smooth, gliding, harmonious jaw movements.

electromagnetic interference

Cardiac pacing Radiated or conducted electrical or magnetic energy that can interfere with/disrupt pulse generator function
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Caption: The European robin, a different species from the North American kind, can lose its compass sense when exposed to a background of human-generated electromagnetic noise.
Researchers working on DARPA s Quantum Effects in Biological Environments (QuBE) program have shown that the electromagnetic noise that permeates modern urban environments can disrupt a bird s internal magnetic compass.
near metal and water and in the presence of electromagnetic noise.
The magnetic layer is composed of a sendust powder that efficiently absorbs low frequency electromagnetic noise.
A specific switching control function limits rapid fluctuations in output current, and thereby reduces electromagnetic noise and improves ECU performance, while a current-sensing function monitors current flow during normal operation, and a diagnosis function detects overcurrent and overheating.
PowerTrench technology also reduces the occurrence of high current spikes due to shoot-through, resulting in less ringing and radiated electromagnetic noise.
Ultimately," says Tom Bleier, President of QuakeFinder, "the new reference sensors are a step forward towards our goal of developing a fundamental improvement in short-term earthquake forecasting in the next decade, based on an emerging technique of monitoring electromagnetic noise signatures generated near quake focal areas.
Taiyo Yuden EMC Center has obtained world's first ISO 17025 certification for measurement with Taiyo Yuden's original unique measurement equipment, which is effective for measuring high frequency electromagnetic noise, in adjacent electromagnetic field.
The noise-clipping and ESD protection diodes protect high-speed system data from being degraded due to electromagnetic noise and other chips in the system from being damaged due to static electricity.
Fully compliant with the IEEE-1394b glass optical interface specification (850nm SFF transceiver using LC type connectors), communications are immune to ambient electromagnetic noise and produce zero cable emissions.

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