electromagnetic interference

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1. opposition to or hampering of some activity.
2. impairment of cardiac impulse conduction due to refractoriness of the tissue; the refractoriness is a physiological response to passage of a preceding impulse.
3. a premature contact point on the occlusal surface of the teeth.
electromagnetic interference electrical signals of nonphysiological origin that may affect pacemaker function; they can either inappropriately inhibit pacemaker output or trigger unnecessary pulses. Pacemakers with bipolar leads are less sensitive to this.
occlusal i's areas of interference on teeth that hamper proper occlusion and smooth, gliding, harmonious jaw movements.

electromagnetic interference

Cardiac pacing Radiated or conducted electrical or magnetic energy that can interfere with/disrupt pulse generator function
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The aim is to ensure electromagnetic compatibility, increase resistance to electromagnetic influences and ensure greater reliability and quality of service.
It explores the additional requirements of the Standard for protection against voltage disturbances and electromagnetic influences, and gives information on the new special locations included in the 17th Edition of the Standard, particularly exhibitions, shows and stands, floor and ceiling heating systems, and mobile or transportable units.
10:30 to 11:00: Protective Properties of a Generic Missile Enclosure to Different Electromagnetic Influences

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