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electromagnetic field

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An invisible field of electromagnetic radiation on the spectrum of energetic particles that move as quanta (radiowaves, infrared, visible light, UV light and gamma radiation). EMFs are generated by moving electric charges that propagate outward from any object carrying an electric current, and result from: 
(1) The electric field that pushes or pulls ions toward or away from the field; the electrical component of an EMF is blocked by most objects, from skin to concrete, and has a strength of 1 mV/m2, which is similar to the strength of the cells’ intrinsic electrical activity;
(2) The magnetic field that acts on moving particles, pushing them perpendicularly to their direction of motion, which passes through most matter without losing strength; the actual power generated by a magnetic field is a few milligauss (1% of the strength of the earth’s magnetic field).

Tumour cells exposed in vitro to extremely low electromagnetic fields (ELF) of 60-Hz electromagnetic radiation from electrical distribution systems (power lines, video display terminals, household appliances) have increased mitotic activity; some reports have suggested that ELF radiation is associated with a 1.5–2.5-fold increase in leukaemia, lymphomas and intracranial malignancy, especially in children living near either 765-kV power lines or 15-kV distribution lines. Although ELF increases ornithine decarboxylase activity or cell membrane resistance to spontaneous lysis, the relationship of ELF to malignancy is controversial and inconclusive.

electromagnetic field

Abbreviation: EMF
The region in space in which the photons produced by moving electric charges have an effect. EMFs can be produced by power lines, radio waves, and microwaves. The energy produced in an EMF increases as the frequency of the photons increases, and EMFs produced by very high frequency photons (e.g., xrays and gamma rays) are sufficiently energetic to induce cancer.
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electromagnetic field (EMF),

n three-dimensional areas that represent the mutual interaction of magnetic and electric forces.
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In recent years, significant progress has been made in the development of technologies that enable the measurement of electromagnetic fields causing the functions and properties in and around materials at atomic resolutions.
S et al reported that electromagnetic fields decreased protein content and increased catalase activity of Valerian leaves, specially in dry treated seeds [8].
Saxena added, "The results are the first to demonstrate a biological effect of electromagnetic fields, in vivo, on the restoration of subcellular structures required for nerve impulse conduction and metabolism in nerves, and consequently a grip strength recovery from motor neuropathy, under controlled experimental conditions.
The low-level electromagnetic fields generated when antennas in mobile phones and other wireless devices transmit radio signals are referred to as radiofrequency (RF) fields.
We have found that the overwhelming majority of evidence does not indicate that normal exposure to low-level electromagnetic fields has harmful health effects, such as cancer.
Although the International Association for the Wireless Telecommunication Industry says there's no evidence that mobile phones have a negative impact on health, many people are wondering exactly how electromagnetic fields, including those generated by mobile phones, might harm them.
Over the last few years, there has been mounting concern about the possibility of adverse health effects resulting from exposure to radiofrequency electromagnetic fields, such as those emitted by wireless communication devices.
impact of exposure to electromagnetic fields in 5 locations for electric power transmission lines of the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC).
There's this thing in the electromagnetic field that nobody has noticed all this time," says Adam Cohen, a physical chemist at Harvard University who led the work.
Most of the papers are related to biological effects of electromagnetic fields and radiation (Hinrikus et al.
With its accompanying cd-rom of engineering application software, FUNDAMENTALS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS makes for the perfect introductory text for any college-level course teaching engineering or courses in electromagnetism.
The coil warmer was at no stage switched on at the wall, however other live electrical leads were operating in close proximity to the saline coil, as well as other potential electromagnetic fields associated with operating room equipment.

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