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1. Sowing of bacteria on a solid medium in a Petri dish or similar container; the making of a plate culture.
2. Application of a metal bar to keep the ends of a fractured bone in apposition.
3. Electrolytic deposition of a metal.


In bacteriology, inoculation of liquefiable, solid media (gelatin or agar) with microorganisms and pouring of medium into a shallow flat dish.


the process of using a plate as in orthopedic surgery and in bacteriology, the cultivation of bacteria on artificial media.

bone plating
a method of fracture fixation in which one or more metal plates are applied across the fracture and anchored, usually by screws, in the fragments.
replication plating
the transfer of cells from bacterial colonies on one plate to another plate, with a colony growing in the same position as in the original plate.

Patient discussion about plating

Q. Any ideas about why she leaves some food in her plate. Thank you for your visit. My daughter is 8 years old and she is a poor eater. She never wants to eat dinner even if it's her favorite dish. And then she picks it and an hour later she says that she feels hungry. She never completes her plate, always leaving a bit, no matter what we feed her. Should she be forced to eat dinner and if she doesn't, have only the dinner to eat later? Any ideas about why she leaves some food in her plate?

A. She trusts her mom. The most common reason to be like this is she knows that she will get something to eat later from her dear mom. While she shouldn't be forced to eat, she should learn that her main meal in the evening will be served at the dinner time.
Some other things that you might do to help deal with your picky eater include:
• Make sure that she isn't eating a big snack after school or filling up on juice, soda, or even milk before dinner.
• Offer her smaller portions so that there isn't as much left over on her plate.
• Don’t offer bribes or rewards for eating.
• Never talk about dieting, calories, and such, especially if she or other family members have problems with being overweight. Instead, talk about eating healthy.
• Consider not offering her anything else to eat if she misses dinner or just offer a small, healthy snack.

Mainly a visit to your Pediatrician to monitor her growth, development and eating habits would also be a good idea. Hug her now!

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Areas of Business: Electro, electroless plating and equipment/technology development, technology consulting, import/export and sales of related product materials
The limitation is that electroless plating provides conductive paths cost-effectively only up to around 15 microns thick.
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The electroless plating reaction not only yields a nickel alloy deposit, it also generates by-products, which accumulate in the solution.
Electroless plating is a chemical process that catalytically reduces metal ions in an aqueous solution and deposits that metal on a substrate without the use of electrical energy.
Table 1: Composition of electroless plating baths for depositing CoNiP coating (mol/L) Bath [Ni.
He has written numerous publications in addition to authoring several patents involving electroless plating and corrosion inhibitor additives for paint and coatings.
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Electroless plating is often used for EMI shielding--a conductive copper base layer is first formed, and a nickel layer is added as a topcoat to resist abrasion and corrosion.
Unlike electroplating, electroless plating allows uniform deposits of coating materials over all surfaces, regardless of size, shape and electrical conductivity.
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