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A technique for producing a picture from high voltage, named after S. Kirlian, an electrician from Kuban, Russia. In 1939, Kirlian accidentally discovered that placing an object or body part on undeveloped film laying on top of an aluminium plate connected to a source of high voltage resulted in an image characterised by small corona discharges
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The evaluation of prints quality and quality of printing is performed according to the LEM method developed at Laboratory of Electrography ltd., and presented at BUSINESS-INFORM 2019 International Expo (Moscow, May 15-17, 2019), certified in Russia, and recommended by AQCMS for comparative research on Russian territory.
Outside conventional printing inks, the merger will give Sun a worldwide presence in screen printing inks and electrography. These two businesses will be operated by Sun on a global basis, enabling it to provide a broader product portfolio worldwide.