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Refracting twice; splitting a ray of light in two.


Refracting twice; splitting a ray of light in two.


The splitting of a ray of light in two.
birefringent (-jĕnt), adjective
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Since the electro-optic effect is E-field dependent, two necessary goals are voltage biasing and isolation.
To probe the interior of an integrated circuit, Janis Valdmanis of Bell Labs has shown it's possible to pick up faint traces of electrical activity by bringing a small electro-optic crystal close to a chip's surface.
Due to their high electro-optic coefficient and low dielectric constant, GigOptix' electro-optic polymers are well suited to meet the high-bandwidth, reduced weight and size, and immunity to electromagnetic interference requirements, that is crucial for many military applications.
The company designs electro-optic components based on proprietary polymer compounds for the telecommunications and computing industries.
Current concepts of phased array radar and high-performance satellite systems require high-bandwidth electro-optic modulators with low driving voltages and wide bandwidths," said Dr.
Raluca Dinu, director of Lumera's Electro-Optic Business Unit.
Professor Larry Dalton, an award-winning professor at the University of Washington and a global expert in the development of electro-optic materials, believes that the time for a shift to a disruptive technology such as electro-optic polymers is now at hand.
Raluca Dinu, Vice President - Electro-Optic Business Unit.
Third-Order's scientific team has invented two dendritic nano-structures that could be uniquely suited for integration with the Company's groundbreaking chromophore to produce a commercially viable electro-optic polymer.
Dalton, a distinguished professor and a global expert in photonics and electro-optics has received numerous awards for pioneering many breakthroughs in electro-optic polymer technology including the technology that is the foundation for Lumera's Electro-Optic Polymer Modulator.
Arasor's innovative electro-optic control plane architecture for the first time realizes complete wavelength generation, discovery, signal processing and control and reconfiguration with full flexibility, including, wavelength interchange with electronic digital control precision at the electro-optic layer," commented Dr.
Current areas of application for PSI-TEC's advanced material base which are being pursued by the company include electro-optic transducers for extremely high-speed telecommunication, chip-to-chip optical interconnects for next generation computer architectures, and all-optical microprocessor components for advanced data encryption.

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