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Refracting twice; splitting a ray of light in two.


Refracting twice; splitting a ray of light in two.


The splitting of a ray of light in two.
birefringent (-jĕnt), adjective
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Our polymer materials are engineered and optimized to create a system in which unique surface, electrical, chemical and electro-optic characteristics can be controlled.
The Company offers a broad portfolio of high speed electronic devices including polymer electro-optic modulators, modulator drivers, laser drivers and TIAs for telecom, datacom, Infiniband and consumer optical systems, covering serial and parallel communication technologies from 1G to 100G.
a developer of automation products that enable manufacturers, warehouses and distribution centers to automate their day-to- day material handling processes, is also based in Pittsburgh and will undertake a project to develop a standardized, multi-variant methodology for measuring the effectiveness of different electro-optic sensors on various unmanned vehicle platforms and then using that methodology to objectively assess and rank various, currently available, off-the-shelf sensors and devices.
The company designs electro-optic components based on proprietary polymer compounds for the telecommunications and computing industries.
PSI-TEC has developed an entirely new, breakthrough class of materials that are expected to make the current and future telecommunication infrastructures faster, smaller and more economical by replacing current high- end electro-optic materials with higher-performing, less-expensive electro- optic plastics.
Current concepts of phased array radar and high-performance satellite systems require high-bandwidth electro-optic modulators with low driving voltages and wide bandwidths," said Dr.
Teng is co-inventor of the renowned "Teng-Man test," a procedure that has today become the standard method of evaluating the material performance of electro-optic plastics.
Raluca Dinu, director of Lumera's Electro-Optic Business Unit.
Electro-optic materials are the fundamental driving force behind this enormous daily data-traffic.
Professor Larry Dalton, an award-winning professor at the University of Washington and a global expert in the development of electro-optic materials, believes that the time for a shift to a disruptive technology such as electro-optic polymers is now at hand.
Over the past two decades, with the advancement and proliferation of high-speed computers, these complex and time-consuming computations have slowly become a standard tool in the design of electro-optic plastics.
Raluca Dinu, Vice President - Electro-Optic Business Unit.

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