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adjective Not permanent, transient.


adj pertaining to the interim treatment used to protect a patient between appointments.
temporary base,
temporary prosthesis,
temporary stopping,
n See stopping, temporary.
temporary superstructure,
n a prosthodontic appliance (removable or fixed) that is used, often immediately postoperatively, as a transitional appliance either for cosmetics or splinting, or both.


interim; for a short time only.

temporary dentition
the temporary or first set of teeth in animals with diphyodont dentition. See also deciduous teeth.
temporary environment factors
e.g. rain, drought, heat.
temporary registration
registration to practice under local legislation but for a limited period only. A procedure used to permit a candidate for full registration to obtain some practice experience.
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Clients are encouraged to contact the experts at Prime Electrical Service for their holiday light inspection.
The ESP shall provide all electrical service requirements including the buried concrete ductbanks as required in the service descriptions below.
With its relocation into the city of Baltimore, the company's professional electrical services are now closer than ever.
Loss of Internet service or electrical service, except in the most rare of instances imaginable, will not be an issue for Lecere's customers.
Reliable electrical service is a critical factor in the City's continued ability to retain business and attract new employers," Building Congress President Richard T.
Concern about possible disruption of electrical service, especially in Lower Manhattan where financial service firms have a critical need for reliable power for computers and telecommunication, prompted the Energy Committee to undertake the review, said Committee Vice Chairman Bill Rudin of Rudin Management Co.
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1-800 NY BULBS' electrical contracting division will now offer comprehensive electrical services including residential and commercial wiring, electrical service upgrades and much more.
Capital requirements for the Kamoto JV concentrator are directed at replacement of flotation equipment, conveyor components, piping throughout the plant including the 7 km concentrate lines to the Luilu hydrometallurgical plant, and in plant electrical service.
A subsidiary of US-based industrial infrastructure services holding company Integrated Electrical Services, Inc.
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