Technology Allergy

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A pseudocondition with a wide range of self-reported complaints—e.g., oedema, rashes and other adverse medical symptoms—purportedly caused by exposure to electromagnetic fields in the forms of computers, telephone base stations, overhead power lines, etc.
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The heat requirements of Pb-free chemicals have made removing residues difficult, and all residues can cause problems with components that have decreased in size and those with increased electrical sensitivity. The problems associated with residues exist with Pb-free and SnPb organic and rosin-based chemicals.
There is talk surrounding AC (alternating current) lines concerning low level electromagnetic fields (EMF), how it promotes cancer, especially a doubling of incidents of childhood leukemia, adult leukemia and adult brain cancer, miscarriage, depression, Alzheimer's Disease, cot death, ME, and electrical sensitivity.
Her friend Roger Moller suffers from electrical sensitivity and is plagued by headaches now that there are as many mobile phones as people in Britain.
Some people disabled with electrical sensitivity are unable to use a phone or computer and more often we find that a phone number or e-mail address only has been supplied, thus unwittingly excluding us.
She suffers from extreme electrical sensitivity, a rare allergic condition which makes her brain 'fry' and causes insomnia and panic attacks when she is around powerful electrical devices.
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