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(rē-zis'tŏr, -tōr),
An element included in an electric circuit to provide resistance to the flow of current.
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R2 combines silicone rubber and carbon that transforms the material into a variable rate electrical resistor, a basic building block for hundreds of consumer and industrial devices.
VaraPoint is based on VTI's proprietary resistive rubber R2 Technology(TM) (pronounced "R-Squared"), a unique blend of silicone rubber and carbon that creates a versatile electrical resistor that is highly adaptable to a wide range of commercial, consumer and industrial applications, especially for input and pointing control scenarios.
1, consists of five cylindrical electrical resistors fixed to an insulating plate of diameter 100mm and 2mm thick located centrally on an aluminum heater plate.
During the war many of the skilled workers joined the armed forces, but production of Doughty Birds continued, the firm keen to continue to earn much needed income while concentrating on such products as electrical resistors and spark plugs.

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