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A measure of a material's resistance to the passage of electrical current; the reciprocal of conductivity.
[L. re-sito, to withstand]
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where: [R.sub.b] is the bulk resistance which was measured using the LCR device, r is the electrical resistivity which measured using the conductivity meter, k is the calibration factor.
The electrical resistivity for such materials is given by: Is = Ig + (tgb/tg) Ig..
El-Sayed, "Application of electrical resistivity prospecting in waste water management: A case study (Kharga Oasis, Egypt)," Egyptian Journal of Aquatic Research, vol.
The problem is the deduction of the radial electrical resistivity [rho] of the specimen from the measured quantities.
Liu, "Feasibility study on the prediction of coal bump with electrical resistivity method," in Progress in Mining Science and Safety Technology, pp.
Figures 10(a) and 10(b) show the electrical resistivity contours before the ground freezing.
After removing the erroneous data points and averaging repeated measurements, the apparent electrical resistivity data were tomographically inverted into the 'true' electrical resistivity distributions using the RES2DINV software package (Loke & Barker 1996).
[3] conducted a study for investigating the factors controlling the electrical resistivity of soil-cement admixtures.
An inverse relationship between film thickness and electrical resistivity has been commonly demonstrated by FS surface scattering and MS grain boundary scattering models.
Key words: seisImager, near-surface seismic refraction method, electrical resistivity method, reclaimed land.
The addition of 0.1 percent CF to the cement with w/c ratio of 0.38 increased the change in electrical resistivity of oil well cement at failure [([DELTA][rho]/[[rho].sub.0]).sub.f] by 583 percent, as summarized in Table 5.

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