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A nonconducting substance used as insulation.
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With the acquisition, completed late last week, Lapp becomes the world's second-largest electrical insulator company.
A new semi-flexible, cycloaliphatic epoxy from Huntsman Advanced Materials, The Woodlands, Texas, is used to mold sheds for outdoor electrical insulators in medium- to high-voltage applications.
Its low viscosity allows for the penetration of electrical motor windings or for high filler loadings required in construction of electrical insulators and in forming adhesives and encapsulants.
A helicopter carries an array of electrical insulators away from a 130-foot tower as linemen for Wilson Construction work Tuesday on a transmission line upgrade at the Bonneville Power Administration substation near Goshen.
Their primary trade customers are railroad, truck hardware, valves and electrical insulators.
Once widely used as electrical insulators, PCBs were banned in the United States more than 25 years ago after they were associated with memory and learning impairment, immune disorders, and possibly cancer in humans.
The factory designs and makes electrical insulators, glass laminants and tubes and aircraft baggage bay linings.
The real story of the Seabees is in the most mundane of objects, like the Coca-Cola bottles the Seabees improvised as electrical insulators in the Pacific during World War II.
What's in the Cables market, Electrical Insulators, and Transmission Towers Database?
These unique properties make it viable for a number of applications in thermal, acoustic, and electrical insulators, thin film dielectrics, super capacitors, optical coatings, anti-reflective films.
Wacker has introduced a solvent-free silicone coating for electrical insulators.
Continuous casting machines for polymer concrete, solid surface, engineered stone, cultured marble, phenolic-resin foam and epoxy electrical insulators.

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