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1. the surrounding of a space or body with material designed to prevent the entrance or escape of radiant energy.
2. the material so used.
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(in'sŭ-lā'shŭn), Do not confuse this word with insolation and isolation.
1. The act of insulating.
2. The nonconducting substance so used.
3. The state of being insulated.
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The stator of an electric water pump produced by PVS-Kunststofftechnik in Germany has taken DSM's Stanyl nylon 46 into a new area, that of over-moulded electrical insulation.
In addition, it has good electrical insulation properties.
The resin offers good thermal plasticity for easy molding, high chemical resistance, high electrical insulation properties and high ultraviolet resistance that makes it suitable for use outdoors for periods exceeding ten years.
They currently manufacture electrical insulation products, alkyphenols, phenolic resins and industrial coatings.
Schlunken has made an outstanding contribution to building up and developing Altana Chemie's Electrical Insulation division to become the clear global market leader.
Cyanoethylated PVA could be used in developing highly specialized papers for electrical insulation. View this paper online at
Teknor's Uniprene XL grades come in 45 to 80 Shore A hardnesses and are aimed at molded seals, grommets, plugs, extruded automotive tubing and bellows, glazing strips, weather seals, and electrical insulation. For such applications, these products are said to be more cost-effective than super-TPVs.

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