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They cut his head with an electric screwdriver before he managed to break free and escape through his living room window.
And while he was at it, he voiced his contempt for my electric screwdriver, dismissing it as a toy.
You'll need a good set of basic tools including a power saw, electric screwdriver and socket set plus a tape measure, plumb line, protective gloves .
I borrowed Steve's cordless, electric screwdriver to secure the bases to a length of two by four, which I can C-clamp to a bench.
If you haven't got a power tool in Wales you're a bit left out - a proud 86% own an electric drill, a respectable 62% an electric screwdriver, and 58% a corded jigsaw - compared to the UK averages of 79%, 61% and 42%.
Once I'd removed its batteries, it did occur that my grumpiness was a sure sign of old age - that and the fact that I was given an electric screwdriver as a present from my mum and dad.
When we got married, Tony had the vacuum cleaner and I had the electric screwdriver.
Burris fabricated the frame at the university craft center, then assembled it in the room using only a hammer and electric screwdriver.
You can save time by using an electric screwdriver or drill to remove and reinstall your hardware.
THUGS trashed the house of a dad-of-three a day after a gang drilled holes in his skull with an electric screwdriver.
If you want to be prepared for any job, an inexpensive electric screwdriver (it will cost you about $20) with interchangeable bits is recommended.