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But in a corner of the closet in my study, I have a few items squirreled away: the tack hammer, some nails, and the electric screwdriver.
They grabbed him and I heard it was a lassie that drilled two holes in the back of his head with an electric screwdriver .
When I said I found this hurtful she asked me to buy her something useful this year so I bought her an electric screwdriver.
Electric screwdrivers are expected to witness robust demand, and electric saws and drills are projected to record above-average growth figures.
Artist Uri Katzenstein put on a brief performance, setting on the ground a contraption made of three electric screwdrivers tied together, with metal bars as legs and festooned with bells.
Highlights included an instrumental section with electric screwdrivers, football rattles and loudhailers.
The constant whine of drills and electric screwdrivers wielded by a team of a half-dozen technicians makes conversation next to impossible, and the fibrous haze and sweetish smell of sawdust fill the air.
A variety of tools are available to control and measure torque, from electric screwdrivers to large industrial wrenches, analyzers, sensors and multipliers.
Electra Series Electric Screwdrivers are equipped with a motor design that ensures both extended motor life and a comfortable grip temperature.
Why you should care: ASG says that their tabletop robots improve assembly productivity over hand and electric screwdrivers because each robot is equipped with electric torque controlled screwdrivers that provide highly repeatable fastener torque.