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elective affinity,

n part of the body where a homeopathic remedy is most effective. See also disease affinity, organ affinity, and tissue affinity.
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Elective Affinities marks a new period in cultural contacts between Latvia and Germany.
Man," wrote Johann Wolfgang von Goethe in his novel Elective Affinities, "is a true Narcissus.
And not just words by artists in a series of 50 or so essays, but also the text of a new play: David Adjmi's Elective Affinities.
The experience of America, his explorations of the elective affinities between Protestantism, and the character and moral basis of capitalism in a democratic ethos fleshed out his theoretical material for the study.
After the chemistry definitions and the complexities of elective affinities have been explained to Charlotte (and the reader), she asks for an example to elucidate the concept.
Milosz used charisma, talent, elective affinities, circumstance, and patronage to braid a life rope that helped him fuse his bifurcated life.
Goethe's The Elective Affinities, whose central metaphor is taken from botanic grafting, was published in 1809.
This transition from commentary to narration occurs repeatedly in narratives like Elective Affinities, Dead Souls, and Tom Jones, emphasizing the close relationship between these modes, both being the speech of the narrator, yet fragmented into two distinct categories.
Too often group exhibitions, especially those that mix together young artists and famous figures, fail to reveal elective affinities.
Using well-known episodes from the history of science, such as mechanical philosophy and Newtonian gravitation, elective affinities and the chemical revolution, natural history and taxonomy, evolutionary biology, the dynamical theory of electromagnetism, and quantum theory, Dear here reveals how the very different principles of knowing and doing were brought together as a new enterprise, science, which would be practiced by a new kind of person, the scientist.
Moreau, I have Jonathan Swift's A Tale of a Tub; he has Goethe's Elective Affinities, I have Andre Breton's Nadja.
Their elective affinities to Germany were deep and real.