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The dried flowers of Sambucus canadensis or S. nigra (family Caprifoliaceae), the common elder or black elder; weak laxative.
Synonym(s): elder, elder flowers
[L. an elder-tree]


an herb found in the United States and Europe as a tall shrub.
uses This berry or flower may be useful for limiting the duration of symptoms from colds and flu; the flower is also used as a mouthwash and applied topically as an astringent for nasal and chest congestion, earache associated with chronic congestion, and hay fever.
contraindications It is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation, in children, or in those with known hypersensitivity to this plant or similar plants. Raw or unripe fruit can cause nausea, vomiting, and severe diarrhea.


adjective Referring to a person of advanced age.

noun A person of advanced age.


Patient discussion about elder

Q. Here is a challenging question for you. Do you look young or old for your age? Hi,Here is a challenging question for you. Do you look young or old for your age?

A. Unfortunately I look older than my age, people say that I look 22-25. However I'm just 20. I'm not a smoker, I don't drink alcohol every week, so I have no idea. :)

Q. I have a 16 month old, I was just wondering what is a good age to indroduce soda? I have a friend who already indroduced soda to her 2 year old. At the time her child was only 13 months.

A. Why give her that? Even as adults, there's no special benefit from soda (or other carbonated beverages), and as a child the nutritionally-poor soda may make your child feel full so he or she may not want to eat more important food such as vegetables or protein.

Q. My elder sister is 29 years old, 150 cm tall, into her ninth month of pregnancy. she had a sugar test My elder sister is 29 years old, 150 cm tall, into her ninth month of pregnancy. she had a sugar test done during her first trimester, which revealed her blood sugar to be 95 mg/dl. My doctor asked her to go for a 75 g GTT at 6 months and the readings were: fasting sugar - 90 mg/dl, 1hour: 144 mg/dl and 2 hour: 114 mg/dl. At the beginning of pregnancy, her weight was 62 Kg and now she weigh 72Kg. A random sugar test at 32 weeks reported blood sugar to be 105 mg/dl. she continued with her normal food cravings, which were a little high on sugar levels since she mostly enjoyed eating sweets. She wants to know whether or not she suffering from gestational diabetes?

A. Gestational diabetes is also diagnosed based on plasma glucose values measured during the OGTT. Blood glucose levels are checked four times during the test. If your blood glucose levels are above normal at least twice during the test, you have gestational diabetes. Below shows the results for the OGTT for gestational diabetes.

Fasting: 95 mg/dL or higher
At 1 hour: 180 mg/dL or higher
At 2 hours: 155 mg/dL or higher
At 3 hours: 140 mg/dL or higher

So your sister does not have Gestational diabetes.

If you want to know details about gestational diabetes, Visit:

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I connected the title by which the boy had addressed the elder brother, with the initial letter embroidered on the scarf, and had no difficulty in arriving at the conclusion that I had seen that nobleman very lately.
The young lady herself (as I have heard from the elder Mr.
There are cousins alive; a son and two daughters of that elder sister of Mr.
Kalenjin elders on Wednesday said the deadly accidents along the Salgaa-Sachangwan-Mau summit road are caused by carelessness and not superstition.
NEWLY elevated elders of The Church of the Lord (Prayer Fellowship) Worldwide have been enjoined to allow Jesus Christ be their role model.
Caregivers for past victims reported spending nearly $8,400 each year in direct cash and noncash, 56% higher than the amount spent by those caring for elders with no history of financial abuse.
In the past two years, elder law attorneys' advocacy has resulted in stronger laws under which those who abuse elders can be prosecuted.
Yet only 78 percent of younger family/friends of elders -- some of whom are in a position to care for those elders -- had confidence in their own ability to recognize elder financial abuse, and more than one in five (22 percent) said they could not or are unsure.
The issues that dominate the elder law literature and this edition of the Elder Law Review are capacity and elder abuse and whether special laws are needed to deal with vulnerable elders.
Aboriginal Elders hold prominent, vital and respected roles in their communities--positions that are bestowed on a select few.
As a result of the many types of crimes against elders that occur, the complexity of many of these crimes, and the unique needs of elder abuse victims, NDAA recognizes that there must be specialized training for prosecutors in dealing with matters of elder abuse.
To help attain these goals, many colleges use one of Indian Country's greatest assets--its elders.