Leon J.S., 20th-century Belgian pathologist. See: Elaut triangle.
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Research on the sexual health of transgender and transsexual (trans) women has focused almost exclusively within three areas of inquiry: postoperative orgasmic potential and sexual satisfaction among trans women who have undergone vaginoplasty (surgical construction of a vagina) as part of a medical transition (e.g., Klein & Gorzalka, 2009), sexual desire and function among those on feminizing hormone regimens (e.g., Wierckx, Elaut, Van Hoorde, et al., 2014), and HIV-related risk among trans women who are sexually involved with cisgender (cis or non-trans) men sex partners, either through commercial sex or personal relationships (e.g., Baral et al., 2013).
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In the first transaction, Elaut USA, Inc., one of the largest operators and concessionaires of amusement equipment, signed a new 25,000 s/f lease agreement at 1000 Towbin Avenue Building.
Featuring publicity materials, newspaper clippings, tourist ephemera, vintage photographs, and documentary films from the period, this retrospective, "Expo 58: Between Utopia and Reality," curated by Arnaud Bozzini and Geertrui Elaut, suggested that the first world's fair to take place a after the end of World War II unwittingly crystallized both the hopes and anxieties of the postwar reconstruction period.
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"We believe that both Elaut USA and R Tape/Custom Extrusion Technologies will be very pleased with their new spaces at Sudler Corporate Park and we look forward to continuing to match the needs of other prospective tenants within this outstanding corporate campus."