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Extracorporeal liver assist device, see there. See Artificial liver.
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Elad's mission is to strip away the Palestinian community to reveal crumbling relics beneath, which it claims are proof that King David founded his Israelite kingdom there 3,000 years ago.
The Elad foundation, known in English as the City of David foundation, also monitors a nearby archaeological site in Silwan that seeks to demonstrate Jews' purported historical link to Jerusalem.
The court ruled in favor of the Elad, which owns majority of the building.
This also came few days after the Elad group confiscated money raised to help Siyam family fight their evacuation order.
Rafael Lazer, chief executive officer of Elad Canada Inc., an affiliate of El-Ad, serves as a trustee of the REIT.
(2) "Transmitters and Transmissions of the Historical Events of the Revolt"; and (3) "The Struggle for Legitimization between the Hasanis and the Husaynis as Reflected Mainly in Imami Literature." Elad has unearthed a huge amount of prosopographical data, and part one starts off with Muhammad's biography, including information on his mother, siblings, wives, and children.
Interestingly, Andrew and Elad, who married in Canada in 2015, showed birth certificates of their sons to the immigration authorities and explained that their children were born in Canada, via a surrogate, using donor eggs and sperm from each father.
The biggest influence of bimodality (Table 3) was determined on ELAD (it was 13.2% higher of cows with bimodal milk flow curve, compared with the normal curve), ELND (12.9% less of cows with bimodal milk flow curve) and ELST (8.7% higher of cows with bimodal milk flow curve); bimodality on ELMAX almost had no influence (the difference 0.6%).
"Even if the houses have been bought stealthily, this is still an illegal seizure of Palestinian houses by Elad," said the centre in a statement.
The David and Lucile Packard Foundation has awarded Northwestern University researcher Elad Harel with a 2013 Packard Fellowship for science and engineering.
* Elad Nehorai is a writer based in Brooklyn; he blogs on Pop Chassid.
In July, Kingdom's Israeli-owned partner in the hotel, Elad Properties, agreed to sell its Plaza stake to Sahara.