Karl A., 20th-century Swedish neurologist. See: Ekbom syndrome.
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Over two hundred years later, the physician Ekbom coined the phrase "Restless Legs" and stated that "The syndrome is so common and causes such suffering that it should be known to every physician.
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Ekbom in his early identification of the syndrome in the 1940s.
Annette Ekbom (as his bitter missus) and Michelle Fairley (as the mild mistress) were as solid and reliable as a Pete Sampras stop volley and co-writer Al Hunter Ashton (Pitbull from London's Burning) has perky possibilities as Whately's sidekick Vinny Stanley.
24, 1992 Lancet, Trichopoulos, Anders Ekbom, Hans-Olov Adami, both at Uppsala University in Sweden, and their colleagues reported that women who had weighed 8 pounds or more at birth had a 30 percent greater risk of breast cancer later in life (SN: 10/31/92, p.
ATLANTA -- New post-hoc analyses of pivotal clinical trials of Neupro([R])(rotigotine transdermal system) in patients with Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS)/Willis Ekbom disease analysed the severity and impact of RLS symptoms using changes in individual International RLS Study Group Rating Scale (IRLS) item scores.
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Excess of N or deficiency of K can cause accumulation of free amino acids and can consequently increase the populations of sucking insects on plants (JANSSON; EKBOM, 2002).
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