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Slides of ejaculatory ducts from both sides were made because the small, fragile AGs are easily damaged or lost during dissection.
Male: gonocoxite with some non-caducous fine setae scattered at the middle; gonostylus with 4 spiniform setae, the preapical about the middle between the distal and the two proximal setae or nearest to the proximal setae, and without preapical fine seta; paramere simple; ejaculatory ducts with simple apex.
Men with an ejaculatory duct obstruction may be candidates for a TUR ejaculatory duct.
Evaluation and Treatment of Ejaculatory Duct Obstruction in the Infertile Male.
Anatomical and histological study of the verumontanum with especial reference to the ejaculatory ducts.
It involves the mucosal glands in the utricle, ejaculatory duct, distal prostatic ducts, and/or posterior prostatic urethra.
It contains a central blind ending opening, the prostatic utricle, and the two lateral openings of the ejaculatory ducts.
The ejaculatory ducts were easily visualized on gross examination as a yellow-brown line through the long axis of the prostate.
The involvement of testis frequently occurs as a result of direct spread through ejaculatory ducts involving the prostate.
Sharp dissection of the bladder from seminal vesicles, ejaculatory ducts and deferential ampullae is performed.
The vas and ducts from the seminal vesicles coalesce to form the paired ejaculatory ducts, which enter the prostatic urethra lateral to the verumontanum.