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Albert, German-born U.S. theoretic physicist and Nobel laureate, 1879-1955. See: einstein, einsteinium.


A unit of energy equal to 1 mol quantum, hence to 6.0221367 × 1023 quanta. The value of einstein, in kJ, is dependent upon the wavelength.
[Albert Einstein]
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A unit of energy equal to 1 mol quantum, hence to 6.0221367 × 1023 quanta. The value of an einstein, in kJ, is dependent on the wavelength.
[Albert Einstein]
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[PHI] = 1), 5D gravity just trivially unifies the 4D Einsteinian general relativity (GR) and Maxwellian electromagnetism (EM).
An exhibition on the science of Star Trek looking at which elements of the Star Trek technology were possible and which - at least according to Einsteinian physics!
This section notes that the principles of the scientific method can be straightforward and intuitive, contrary to the stereotypical view of science as necessarily off-puttingly complex or requiring Einsteinian reasoning powers to be mastered.
Just as Einsteinian relativity required a 'thought experiment' for many to understand, we've applied the same here by replicating our original TDVP Cabibbo angle findings of a finite nine-dimensional spinning model."
He notes correctly that cosmology is now based on Einsteinian models rather than Newtonian models, but then says that the "Einsteinian universe is dynamic, has a definite beginning in time, and has been expanding since its beginning" (23).
But Merleau-Ponty takes exception to the Einsteinian implication that each local observer possesses his or her own unique time concretely disjoined from all others, coordinated with them only through the mathematical abstractions of the space-time continuum.
Einstein has made a universe, and I can't tell you how long that will last." From the current thrust of science in matter of Space, Quantum matter and human brain it is possible that the Einsteinian universe is poised for some refashioning.
Washington, Jan 10 ( ANI ): Spacetime may be less like foamy quantum beer and more like smooth Einsteinian whiskey, according to a physicist.
He pushed hard for the physicists with whom he worked to preserve their records, and was involved with seminal historian of science Thomas Kuhn in the preservation of oral and written history around the Einsteinian revolution and the development of nuclear physics.
Are not miracles the proleptic anticipation of the kingdom by a sublation of Newtonian and Einsteinian physics into a new creation physics?
However extraordinary, it also unites Darwinism and Einsteinian relativity, as it further clarifies the relative formation of every phenomenon ever to have been.