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A solution of a differentiated equation that has solutions only for particular values of some parameters. Compare: eigenvalue.
[Ger. eigen, particular, peculiar to]
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In such problems high accuracy cannot be obtained by using smooth Eigen functions only.
These estimations will allow proving following theorem on convergence Eigen function expansions.
A design procedure for realizing the SAW filters using this eigen function has been described previously.
Second, since only the input IDT contributes to rejection and the eigen function described decays slowly, a long impulse duration is required to achieve the desired shape factor.
Thus, the order N is chosen to obtain the desired side lobe level in the eigen function.
A stop band rejection better than 54 dB is obtained using eigen function [H.
Keywords: Elliptic problem Spectral Element Method Eigen function T-shaped region matching condition 1.
The domain is divided into semi - infinite and finite rectangular elements and the solution in each element is expressed in terms of the eigen functions of the differential operator with appropriate matching condition imposed across element boundaries.
The trial functions are the Eigen functions [8] of the differential operator in each sub-region.
In what follows, the eigen functions used for the lossy resonators, shown in [16] are briefly reviewed together with the treatment of the scattering from the finite conductivity vias.