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Paul, German bacteriologist, immunologist, and Nobel laureate, 1854-1915.
Ehrlichia - a genus of small, often pleomorphic, coccoid to ellipsoidal, nonmotile, gram-negative bacteria (order Rickettsiales) that are the etiologic agents of ehrlichiosis and are transmitted by ticks.
Ehrlich anemia - anemia resulting from hypoplastic or aplastic bone marrow. Synonym(s): aplastic anemia
Ehrlich diazo reagent - two solutions, one of sodium nitrite, the other of acidified sulfanilic acid, used in bringing about diazotization. Synonym(s): diazo reagent
Ehrlich inner body - a round oxyphil body found in the red blood cell in case of hemocytolysis due to a specific blood poison. Synonym(s): Heinz-Ehrlich body
Ehrlich phenomenon - the difference between the amount of diphtheria toxin that will exactly neutralize one unit of antitoxin.
Ehrlich postulate - that cells contain surface extensions or side chains (haptophores) that bind to the antigenic determinants of a toxin (toxophores). Synonym(s): Synonym(s): Ehrlich theory; side-chain theory
Ehrlich test - urobilinogen test using Ehrlich reagent.
Ehrlich theory - Synonym(s): Ehrlich postulate
Ehrlich tumor - solid or ascitic transplantable tumor derived from breast carcinoma in mice.
Ehrlich unit
Ehrlich-Türk line - seldom-used term for the thin vertical deposition of material on the posterior surface of the cornea seen in uveitis.
Heinz-Ehrlich body - Synonym(s): Ehrlich inner body
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