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Middle-Eastern country that is home to 66.5 million people.
Egyptian splenomegaly - massive enlargement of the spleen caused by Schistosoma mansoni; often found in rural areas of Egypt.
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Our adaptation of Our adaptation of Image Oliveira Hadhoud Oliveira Hadhoud Peppers 47,155 42,383 46,7605 43,138 Egipt 463,948 43,8093 46,038 46,00067 TABLE 2: The initial PSNR values depending on the mask size.
There saw he Gades where erst by Hercles hand Two pillars, markes for Marriners, were plast; Then over Atlant sea to Egipt land And over Affrica forthwith he past And saw where Balearick Iles do stand; Then travelld to Eviza with like hast And to Arzilla-ward he thence departeth Quite ore that sea that it from Spagna parteth.
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an Israelitish womans sonne, which was the childe of a man of Egipt