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Q. Is it true that tomato seeds, eggplant seeds and the like are prone to causing appendicitis? Is it true that eating tomato with the seeds, eggplant with the seeds and the like are prone to causing appendicitis? Thanks again guys. You're all great.

A. No. Things with seeds are irritants to a condition called diverticulitis where pockets in the intestines become inflamed. the seeds sort of deposit there and become infected. Appendicitis is just an inflammation of your appendix plain and simple, no particular cause is really pinpointed.

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TEMPTING: The poached egg plant attracts useful garden predators PRUNING TIME: Raspberry canes and fruit trees need to be cut back this month
Cabbage, green beans, red and white onions, climbing beans, tomato, climbing tomato, potato, parsley, coriander leaves, cucumber, capsicum, egg plant, cauliflower, green chilies and so on are widely grown there.
The churrasco (Dh195) also includes endless starters of homemade nachos with melted cheese served with sour cream, salsa, guacamole and garlic bread served with egg plant antipasti, carret de cordeiro lamb chops, pernil de cordeiro lamb leg, asinha de frango chicken wings, sobre coxa desossada chicken thighs and as much mash potato, corn, kidney beans, fried banana and chimichuri as you can manage.
Carve out the inside portion to make egg plant cups.
The egg plant or aubergine in its many varieties, perhaps white, mauve or deep purple, plays a significant part in all Mediterranean cooking.
Benefit Mascara, pounds 13, in egg plant, is a deep mauve, but always curl your lashes first for added sultry effect.
The Summer Favourites collection contains the top 40 best-selling varieties, including Swan River Daisy, Angel Rose, Verbena, Lavatera, Flanders Poppy, Pansy, Alpine Strawberry, Geranium, Aubrietia, Virginian Stocks, Carnation, Poached Egg Plant, Nemophila, Clarkia, herbs and many more.
Beds and borders - larkspur mixed, night- scented stocks, Poached Egg Plant, Shirley Poppies and sweet alyssum.
Policoro, boasts a wide range including frozen broccoli, broccoli romaneschi, zucchine, egg plant, celery, onions, cauliflower, spinach, asparagus, beets, peppers and tomatoes - IQF or block frozen, depending on the category.
Grilled vegetables - including zucchini, bell pepper and egg plant served with dips of an egg plant caviar and a taramasalata (salted and cured roe of a cod fish) with blins (pancakes) served with potato wedges, salad and toasted pita breads, make it the most well rounded gourmet affair I have experienced in some time.
After its harvest, farmers should pay attention egg plant and apply a bag of ammonium nitrate or a half bag of urea per acre after every three to four pickings of egg plant.
Off to the garden centre I went and made a choice of species, including calendula, antirrhinum, poppies, cornflowers, poached egg plant (limnanthes), cosmos, nasturtium, scabious, comfrey and flowering meadow grasses.