egg white

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egg white

The albumen of an egg, used especially in cooking.



egg white

a solution of protein in water which is secreted by the oviduct of birds and some reptiles. Albumen surrounds the embryo and yolk which it cushions within the shell of the egg. It is eventually absorbed by the embryo as food.

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Q. Is there any difference between brown eggs and white eggs? My fitness instructor suggested me to have brown eggs instead of white eggs so is there any difference between brown eggs and white eggs?

A. I have to agree with you. Never heard of any difference between the two and it doesnt sound reasonable that one is better to your health than the other...

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Scientists at McGill University evaluated the effects of HPP on the physicochemical properties of whole liquid egg, egg albumen and egg yolk.
Larger exports to Mexico of dried egg albumen are the chief cause of the increase.
Ignoring the fact that Dole seemed to incur less excitement among the electorate than a pool of egg albumen, and remaining totally clueless about layoffs, downsizing, and corporate flight, most of the pundits were completely bushwhacked by Buchanan.
The ingredients are vegetable protein (usually soya, wheat and yeast), vegetable oil, egg albumen, spices, sea salt and natural flavors.
These include whole egg powder, egg yolk powder and egg albumen powder; information about all these products can be obtained from their sole agent in the UK, Aperzay Ltd.
The diversity of the use egg albumen is associated with its functional properties that play a role in the processing food industry, such as a thickener and foaming agent because the egg albumen is easy to coagulate and form a foam (Watson, 2002; Murwani, 2012).
McDonalds Chicken McNuggets Chicken (53 per cent), water, hydro-genated vegetable oil, wheat flour, maize flour, potato starch, vegetable oil, modified wheat starch, natural flavourings, egg albumen, salt, potassium chloride, maize starch, maize polenta, black pepper.
A mix of egg albumen - with a total nitrogen content of 14 per cent - and water, it is baked on for an hour at 50C and a humidity of 30 per cent.
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