Egas Moniz

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E·gas Mo·niz

(ĕ-gäs′ mô-nēsh′), Antonio de 1874-1955.
Portuguese neurologist. He shared a Nobel Prize (1949) for advances in brain surgery.
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Researcher on Egas Moniz Multidisciplinary Research Centre in Health Psychology.
Historians of psychiatry agree that Egas Moniz never read about Burckhardt's treatment.
Egas Moniz would soon hear about Jacobsen's work, and although the Yale study intended to prove the complicated functions of the frontal lobes in a higher animal, this seemed therapeutic to the Portuguese doctor.
Antonio Caetano de Abreu Freire, known in the history of psychiatry as Egas Moniz (1874-1955), had a career shaped by achievement and disappointments of a grand scale.
Indeed, the 1949 Nobel Prize in physiology or medicine was awarded to Egas Moniz for "his invention of a surgical treatment for mental illness.
In defending many of the controversial psychologists and their experiments, Slater takes some daring stances--such as saying that Antonio Egas Moniz, who plucked subjects from mental wards to try out his new procedure, the lobotomy, "gave us a way out of pharmacology," for which we should thank him.
Portuguese neurologist Egas Moniz, developer of the lobotomy, thought that mental illness resulted from fixed thought patterns and that "to cure these patients we must destroy the more or less fixed arrangements of cellular connections that exist in the brain.
Turning to medicine, suffice it to say that Antonio Egas Moniz was awarded the prize, in 1949, for performing leucotomies by banging an ice pick through the patient's eye socket, and wrenching it from side to side to sever their frontal lobes.
Constructed around the six-month period during which the helmers lived alongside an engaging group of people on prescribed medication for personality problems, and set largely in the hospital in Catalonia where they live, pic is the loosely told tale of their preparations for a low-key theater production based on the life of Portuguese neurologist Egas Moniz.
10 DICIEMBRE: Premio Nobel de medicina al suizo Walter Hess y al portugues Antonio Egas Moniz, pionero de las operaciones de cerebro.
It was in de Egas Moniz Hospital, Lisbon, Portugal, where the unnamed woman, officially a U.
Portuguese neurologist Egas Moniz did the first lobotomy in 1935.