Kennedy, Edward

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Edward, U.S. dentist, 1883–.
Kennedy classification - a listing of several forms of partially edentulous jaws in accordance with the distribution of the missing teeth.
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Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) drove a car off a bridge, resulting in the death of passenger Mary Jo Kopechne, if not to score political points?
1969 Senator Edward Kennedy crashed his car into the Chappaquiddick River near Martha's Vineyard on America's east coast.
Edward Kennedy. Kennedy's plea was for support of Senate Bill 1.
SENATOR Edward Kennedy was an alcoholic who suffered from post traumatic stress disorder, one of his sons has revealed.
1969: Senator Edward Kennedy crashed his car into a river near Martha's Vineyard on America's east coast.
But Kennedy's chances may have been enhanced by the arrival as secretary of state of John Kerry, who was close to Caroline Kennedy's beloved uncle, late senator Edward Kennedy. The White House and State Department both declined to comment on the reports that Kennedy was close to being named, but did not deny them outright.
Edward Kennedy, youngest brother of John and Robert, travelled to the UK in 1971 when he was chairman of the Health Committee of the US Senate in 1971, to study the NHS following concerns for services offered in the US.
WASHINGTON -- A son of late political icon Edward Kennedy is considering a run for the US senate seat in Massachusetts - the same state his late father represented as a popular US lawmaker for nearly five decades, US media reported Sunday.
A reporter who covered much of Edward Kennedy's career, Hersh delivers a massive biography of the late "liberal lion" of the U.S.
The late Senator Edward Kennedy and his sister, former Ambassador to Ireland Jean Kennedy Smith, are the recipients of the 2009 Tipperary International Peace Award and 13 of the clan are jetting in for the ceremony.
Smith was previously employed as deputy campaign manager for Senator Edward Kennedy, as senior staff member of the US Senate and also founded the Kennedy Smith Sammaweera.