Silver Spring Monkeys

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A colony of primates used by a grant-funded psychologist for research on stroke rehabilitation, which required total denervation, performed on the monkeys by dorsal rhizotomy
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Edward Taub, a professor at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, developed constraint-induced movement therapy (CIMT), a therapeutic technique that focuses on an aggressive treatment regimen.
This family of interventions was developed by our UAB research group, which is directed by Edward Taub, PhD.
Edward Taub of Birmingham, Alabama, made "spastic discoveries," linking neuroscience to behaviorism, a concept until then refuted by mainstream medicine.
Edward Taub, a behavioral neuroscientist at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, applied the concept of neuroplasticity directly to stroke rehabilitation.
Available from Edward Taub, Psychology Department, University of Alabama at Birmingham, CPM 712, 1530 3rd Avenue S.
Adrianne McCullars, Christi Perkins, Lynne Gauthier, Victor Mark, Edward Taub, and Gitendra Uswatte.
Study coauthor Edward Taub of the University of Alabama in Birmingham had previously directed brain-imaging studies in small groups of stroke patients and in monkeys with experimentally severed arm nerves.
CIMT was developed by Edward Taub, a psychology professor at University of Alabama - Birmingham.
For example, PETA, which adheres to Singer's philosophy, established itself by infiltrating the laboratory of neuroscientist Edward Taub in Silver Spring, Maryland, in 1981, and "exposing" deficient laboratory conditions with photographs that purported to show animal mistreatment.
Edward Taub, a member of the team from the University of Alabama, added: "We've got patients writing messages who couldn't communicate at all.
The video features a series of house calls by a team of medical experts led by Edward Taub, a noted family physician and smoking cessation advocate.
Edward Taub, SPIRIT A Journey in Dance, Drums and Song.