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Edward, English surgeon, 1793-1862.
Stanley cervical ligaments - fibers of the capsule of the hip joint reflected onto the neck of the femur.
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I should like to hear what he says about me, and I will tell you all Edward Stanley says of you.
The name of Edward Stanley was repeated internally so often that she thought it the sweetest name she had ever heard.
Russell Edward Stanley, 57, of Du Quoin, cited for driving with a window obstruction.
The bodies of Corporal Jack Carr, Corporal Thomas Edgar, Private Thomas Edward Stanley, Private Harry Vasey and Private George Wilson, 1st Battalion, The Border Regiment, were also identified.
THE EDWARD STANLEY AWARD $1000 for poetry published in Prairie Schooner in 2015 Charif Shanahan for four poems in Summer 2015
Edward Stanley, 19th Century British Conservative politician
My mother worked there in the 1920s and it was there that she met my father Edward Stanley Steadman, who was then a sergeant in the Cardiff City Police.
OFFICIAL news has been received by Mrs Corrin, who resides 38 Durning Road, Liverpool, of the death of her son Pte Edward Stanley Corrin, who was with the Canadian troops.
582 sec to emerge the winner ahead of Edward Stanley (44.
GEORGE Osborne's pal Edward Stanley, aka Lord Derby, is a racing stud owner whose family gave their name to the famous Epsom horse race.
Percival (a sermon-toting guardian with a neurotic fear of sexuality) and, to a lesser extent, Edward Stanley (an eccentric, handsome cousin with a seductive disregard for propriety).