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King Oedipus of Thebes, mythical Greek hero.
oedipism - (1) self-infliction of injury to the eyes; - (2) manifestation of the Oedipus complex.
Oedipus complex - a phase of psychosexual development in which the child is erotically attached to the parent of the opposite sex and has feelings of aggression toward the same-sex parent.
Oedipus period - the time of a child's development characterized by erotic attachment to the parent of the opposite sex.
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Cay: que con quantas passiones et lagrimas Edipus passo: que finalmente en su postrimera voluntad: dispuso de morir.
still dreaming of a reconciliation with [his wife]--too obvious an example of an unresolved Edipus [sic] complex." "Rimbaud and Verlaine made use of their hearts as if they were soulless objects.
Armed with a century's psychoanalytical insights developed by Freud, Rank, Lacan, the Mitscherlichs, and Kristeva, the author demonstrates how valid it is to regard the Kaspar Hauser Complex as being as meaningful as the (Edipus Conflict in helping to make sense of modern identities.