Ludwig, German anatomist, 1855-1918. See: Edinger-Westphal nucleus.
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Representing Deer Creek as its legal counsel is Edinger Associates PLLC.
The latter can be filled at Edinger's Filling Station in the Route 66-embracing town of Pontiac.
While this growth presents opportunity, the sheer volume also presents hotels with the challenge of acquiring business from a changing mix of potential guests," said Michael Edinger, regional manager - Middle East at SiteMinder.
Beers no longer available include Edinger, from Germany, Tuborg, made in Denmark, and Czech Republic lager Staropramen.
Ryan Leonard, of Edinger Leonard & Blakley in Oklahoma City, is representing the hospital management company.
The video has confused thousands of online viewers, with Youtuber Evan Edinger writing on Twitter: "I can hear both depending on which one I'm thinking in my head!"
Of studies with high methodological quality (Buysse et al., 2011; Chen et al., 2008; Edinger, Wohlgemuth, Radtke, Coffman, & Carney, 2007; Ellis et al., 2015; Fernando et al., 2013; Fiorentino et al., 2010; Gellis et al., 2013; Germain et al., 2006; Harris, Lack, Kemp, Wright, & Bootzin, 2012; Jacobs et al., 2004; Jansson-Frojmark et al., 2012; Nakamura et al., 2011; Sivertsen et al., 2006; Watanabe et al., 2011), including the two studies that used a double-blind design (Fernando et al., 2013; Sivertsen et al., 2006), all found the interventions to statistically significantly improve outcomes on almost all measures of sleep quality compared to control conditions.
Edinger III said, "We appreciate David's long and exemplary service to the Company.
Cubris CEO Sune Edinger Gram said: "We are proud to be now part of the powerful group of Thales and convinced we can bring our solution and the value we can propose to our customers to a next level, profiting from the strong engineering capabilities and cross functional synergies from e.g.
Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that rejected two of its three arguments against a city ordinance for the licensing of sexually oriented businesses.<br />Florida-based free speech attorney Gary Edinger, who represents the Gentlemen's Club in Rocky Mount, had argued that the city's sex-business ordinance was written so broadly that it could apply to ballet performances.