Edinburgh University

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Edinburgh University,

institution of higher learning in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Edinburgh University solution - antiseptic wound irrigation solution. Synonym(s): Eusol
Eusol - Synonym(s): Edinburgh University solution
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We hope this service will assist EUP authors, in particular, those for whom English is not their first language," commented Sarah McDonald, Head of Journals, Edinburgh University Press.
Edinburgh University's women won the novice eights and Hatfield College the pennant for fastest Durham College women's eight.
The research was carried out by Dr Cathy Bailey, Senior Research Fellow and Dr Catherine Gibb, Senior Lecturer, both at Northumbria University, and Prof Charlotte Clarke at Edinburgh University, with contributions from a number of colleagues.
Professor Polly Arnold of the Edinburgh University's School of Chemistry, who took part in the research, said: that "we have made a molecule that, in theory, should not exist, because its bridge-shaped structure suggests it would quickly react with other chemicals."
In 2005 Professor McMahon returned to Edinburgh University as Forbes Professor of English Language and Head of the Department of Linguistics and English Language.
She is currently Vice Principal Planning, Resources and Research Policy at Edinburgh University and will take over from Prof Noel Lloyd in August.
A consortium including Edinburgh University scientists have identified important clues to the biological basis of type 2 diabetes, a private news channel reported.
A few months before, aged 16, the minister's son won a bursary to become Edinburgh University's youngest post-war student.
The centre at Edinburgh University will be headed by professor Hugh Goddard, professor of Christian-Muslim Relations from the University of Nottingham.
MIDDLESBROUGH Mayor Ray Mallon is to follow in the footsteps of some famous names from the world of politics when he addresses a meeting at Edinburgh University.
The GBP2.5m project is to be established at Edinburgh University and the centre will be located at the university medical school's Centre for Regenerative Medicine.
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