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A person who:
(1) has a well-founded fear of persecution for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or membership of a particular social group;
(2) is outside the country he or she belongs to or normally resides in; and
(3) is unable or unwilling to return home for fear of persecution.

Refugees may include those fleeing from war or civil disturbance of any kind; a permutation is that of an ‘internally displaced’ person who moves within the borders of one country for the same reasons. The mortality rate of refugees is 60-fold greater than that of a similar non-displaced population; it is highest in children and is due to measles, diarrhoea-related illnesses, acute upper RTIs, malaria and is in part related to the virtually endemic protein-energy malnutrition and micronutrient deficiencies that characterise the refugee state; diarrhoea is the most common cause of death (36,000 children die/day of diarrhoea).

Refugees have been called the fourth world, and have included Afghans, Armenians, Bengalis, Biafrans, Bosnians, Cambodians, Chileans, Croats, Cubans, Czechoslovakians, Ethiopians, Hungarians, Iraqis, Laotians, Liberians, Palestinians, Russians, Rwandans, Serbs, Somalis, Vietnamese, and cross religious lines—Jews, Hindis, and Muslims Records.

In the UK, refugees are entitled to benefits.
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A person fleeing danger or distress, esp. in times of war or political persecution.
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Diplomatic sources said China has an agreement with North Korea to return what it refers to as ''economic refugees,'' routinely deporting refugees back across the border to maintain good relations with its long-time ally and deter mass migration.
"You have to feel sorry for these people because they are political and economic refugees but this problem is becoming a nightmare for companies," said Mr Clarke.
With an annual bill to the taxpayer of pounds 50 million, it is a simple statement of fact that Ireland cannot afford to accommodate a tidal wave of economic refugees from Eastern Europe.
Pakistan has maintained that Jallozai is a transit camp and most settlers there are economic refugees and as such are not entitled to relief supplies and will not be allowed to settle in Pakistan.
He said the Government was ending the right to work for asylum seekers in a bid to curb the amount of economic refugees coming into the country.
We're sending genuine asylum seekers home to their deaths and whinging about economic refugees.
He said economic refugees paid anything from pounds 3,000 to pounds 12,000 to organised gan gs to get into Britain.
While many of the incomers are genuine asylum seekers who have fled war- torn homelands in fear of their lives, there are plenty more who are simply economic refugees out to take full advantage of our lenient welfare system.
In the past Ireland has never been affluent enough to attract political or economic refugees. But we've been so good at selling ourselves abroad it's come to the notice of those who want to start a new life in a persecution-free zone.
If someone claims to disapprove of allowing free immigration of economic refugees that does not mean he loathes the guts of all foreigners trying to enter the UK.
And critical consciousness and thought liberation should be linked to decolonising the minds of Africans, as Ngg wa Thiong'o and others have argued.Without addressing the issue of colonialism comprehensively, we shall forever be perpetuating colonialism and, for that matter, desperation of our young people seeking to leave the continent as economic refugees.
'It will also be determined whether they are really refugees (holders of UNHCR cards), and not economic refugees,' she said in reply to an oral question in the Dewan Rakyat.

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