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In comparison, the economic downturn in 2008-09 was associated with a less significant decline in the job-finding rate, and there was minimal movement in the job-finding rate for the downturn period in the early 2000s.
In September the company reported a net loss of HK$91 million for the six months ended 30 June 2009, as compared to a net profit in the same period of 2008, mainly due to significant decline in selling prices and sales volume amid the global economic downturn since the second half of 2008.
While online retailers have been able to navigate better than most through the economic downturn, companies should continue to focus on keeping costs low and integrating the online and offline channels in order to be best positioned when the economy bounces back," said Sucharita Mulpuru, principal analyst at Forrester Research.
to face a protracted economic downturn this year, and the EUR/GBP may continue to hold a broad range over the near-term as market participants weigh the outlook for future policy.
Coun Mike Brain, community services portfolio, said: "Last year the widening impact of the economic downturn resulted in an increase in hardship rate relief applications to the District Council and this has meant that the current budget is no longer large enough to enable the District Council to maximise its support for businesses.
Merseyside police Chief Constable Bernard Hogan-Howe said: "I understand that the economic downturn is having an adverse effect on many businesses but arson with the intent of gaining through false insurance claims is not a way out.
They expect the subprime mortgage crisis and ensuing global economic downturn to have far-reaching repercussions--with 84 percent believing businesses will be wary of risk-taking and 76 percent strongly believing that raising funds will be more difficult.
New Delhi, February 15 (ANI): Tony Clement, Canadian Industry Minister met his Indian counterpart Trade and Industry Minister Kamal Nath in New Delhi on Sunday and discussed economic downturn and its impact on bilateral trade.
Mitsubishi are just the latest in a long line of Japanese firms to scale back their motorsport commitments since the beginning of the economic downturn.
The IMF predicts the Korean economy will contract 4 percent in 2009 before rebounding in 2010, due to a sharp decrease in exports and bleak domestic demand amid the global economic downturn.
Opposition AMs last night criticised the move and called on the Welsh Assembly Government to commit more of the funding for this financial year to help the nation cope with the economic downturn.
GAO's simulation model to help states respond to these circumstances is based on assumptions under which the existing Medicaid formula would remain unchanged and add a new, separate assistance formula that would operate only during times of economic downturn.

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