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While none of the females in the high economic class reported poor eye sight 33% of their counterpart in the low class reported it.
In a series of essays on travel in the 19th and early 20th centuries, we find that the reading of leisure through the prism of economic class has hardly disappeared.
Studies by the Educational Testing Service and others have showed, in the words of Robert Samuelson, that "the main declines occurred among whites and could not be explained by changes in student's gender, economic class, or parental education.
Economic class divisions, racism, patriarchy, and the harsh effects of colonialism are major realities today; our fallen world does indeed thrive on excluding "others.
This is consecutively argued in May Seikaly's and Haya al-Mughni's readings of the situation by problematizing the multiple and contradictory political and economic class locations of struggles.
Along with evidence of a relationship between alcoholism and depression, there are socioeconomic factors including economic class and marital status, which seem to create an increased risk as well (Klein and Wender, 1994).
Thus far, the economic class warfare that unions and other organizations are waging is fomenting around pay and severance has not taken hold.
The lack of affordable housing in New York City is reaching epidemic proportions which affect every economic class including the wealthy," said Maurice Paprin, chairman of the BLCC, a leading advocacy group in the city.
We see our experience of homosexuality and homophobia to be connected to our maleness or femaleness, to be affected by our economic class and racial background.
The lower economic class of the elderly simply cannot afford the additional expense; we estimate that this segment represents approximately 20-25% of the elderly.
The rise of the proletariat as a viable social, political, and economic class permits the concept of everymen and everywomen producing a kind of everyart to proclaim their own very personal understanding of themselves and the world they inhabit.
Contract awarded for Rq-208dg purchase of 6 airfare broken down as follows in economic class 5 and 1 in executive class for switzerland lausanne, out of day 15 of panama and return the day september 19 september 2015

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